Counseling with Dr. Cherie Santasiero, Ph.D., MNLP, MHT



Substitution Therapy Program Information

Our program includes psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Cherie Santasiero, regular monthly visits with Dr. Ronald Santasiero, a brain chemistry assesment, and necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to rebuild deficient neurotransmitters in the brain.  


For cigarettes, we also use supplementation and re-patterning of habits, as the main addiction problem of smoking is the association of the nicotine and the act of smoking with pleasurable or positive behaviors. We address the mind habit with hypnosis and a one-time acupuncture treatment of microscopic pins that stay in the outside of the ear for two weeks, to help you stay off cigarettes.  Our success rate is approximately 86 percent off cigarettes within 2 weeks and approximately 60 percent at the 3-month mark when using the combined approach above.


For narcotics addiction we use the drug Buprenorphine (Suboxone).  The physician using Buprenorphine must be trained and certified. Dr. Ronald Santasiero is certified to use Buprenorphine. The patient also has to be in a counseling program, which can be done through Sedona at a discounted price. In addition, for the program to be successful, this is a zero tolerance program, which means the person has to remain drug free and remain in counseling to remain in the program. No exceptions! The treatment of withdrawal symptoms is with either acupuncture, or in the case of narcotics, with Buprenorphine (Suboxone). This allows patients to get their biochemical parameters closer to the normal physiological state. In addition we evaluate the individual for supplementation with vitamins, minerals and herbal remidies to help rebuild their neurotransmitter system. The use of Buprenorphine replaces most inpatient drug detoxication for narcotics and Methadone maintenance.

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